Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

Why chose Science?

The study of science helps a student to learn the basic about the physical, chemical & biological entities and also to investigate or test out the scientific experiments. The objective of studying these subjects are to facilitate the scientific learning of the continuous research work and innovation in the field of technology. The subjects under the science stream helps a student to develop a research bent of mind and nurtures them to pursue their higher degree courses in the field of science & technology. The science subject combination at GCPUC enables a student to learn about the rudiments of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. This course pattern is designed sceptically to motivate each student to learn the practical knowledge about the subject and also to acquire information about the continuous development in the field of research.

How the Course unfolds at Garden City Pre-University College?

The subjects of GCPUC Science stream are incorporated into the curriculum to support the students to learn about the basic principles of the individual subjects and also to perform experiments such as titration, measuring electric current or demonstrating the vertebral column of an animal species in those specific field of sciences. The students participate in various national and international scientific model making, ideation, debate, poster presentation competitions where they receive core inputs from their faculty members. The students are also enrolled to participate in the training programmes and workshops on modern advancements in the field of research which are usually conducted by research scholars or company professionals. The institution promotes the brainstorming capacity of each student and creates the one of its kind provision for patenting the innovative ideas of the students under our GCU-IPR activities. The students at GCPUC can also enroll for the additional value added courses that help them to obtain good score in other competitive examinations. The digitally equipped classroom helps our students to understand the concepts related to the subject and enhances their understanding with respect to continuous development in the field of scientific research. We at GCPUC provide certificate courses to our students from different laboratories and institutions which installs the additional benefits for an aspiring Engineering or Medical student. There are several motivational classes being conducted by eminent scientists that help our students to be in sync with the contemporary science & technology advancements.

What additionally GCPUC Supports a student with?

At GCPUC, the science stream is comprehensively designed to provide the value education with required information to the students to choose their future in the field of Engineering, Medical and all other allied streams. Apart from their classroom activities the students are also exposed to various extracurricular activities such as sports, cultural events, scientific model making competitions, etc. The students also get the opportunity to study additional subject knowledge through the coaching classes to secure good marks in the competitive examinations for the undergraduate courses. Other than their text books the students are aided with e-books, journal links, apps that promote the technical aspects associated with the learning process. The ‘go-getters’ of our institution, i.e., our students are taken for institutional, industrial or field visits in order to make them learn the basic necessities required in a professional sector. Under the National Skill Development Program of Govt. of India, we enrol our students for various vocational training programmes which helps them to hold a certificate from the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India. We at GCPUC encourage our students to participate in other sports & cultural activities also, such as dance, drama, drawing & crafting, singing, dancing etc.

What is the road map for a student after completing two years of PUC in Science?

After completing the Pre University program from GCPUC, the students are trained enough to be efficient in the field of further studies. The quality of education that has been provided by our institution ensures our students to secure good marks in the competitive examinations to enroll themselves for engineering, medical and all other allied streams. The students are molded with the subjective knowledge accompanied with the practical experience that helps them to stay unique among others in the field of science & technology. Apart from their regular classes the students obtain the certificate courses which helps them to achieve success in their future academic endeavor. We also prepare them for career building courses which enable them to attain skill sets such as personality development, managerial skills, etc.

What are the other career alternatives a student can look at after PUC?

At GCPUC along with the technical aspects related to the subjects under science stream, we also nurture the students with hands-on-training programs, workshops, industrial exposure, etc. which induces the scientific outlook of the students. Other than these activities we also help the student to acquire knowledge about their field of interest in research, so that it may further initiate the thought process of our students to pursue research activities. We provide a common platform where students can discuss about recent research activities and conduct intra-class debate competitions to help them acquire more knowledge about the subject. This helps to develop the managerial qualities of students to conduct an event.

How does a student get nurtured at GCPUC?

The students are enrolled for mentoring sessions wherein they are provided with individual mentors who can counsel them and also help them to enhance their performance in academics as well as in extracurricular activities. The students while facing any difficulty in studies or other fields can approach their mentors who will guide them for a better future. The mentoring session involves interaction with the students and understanding their problem and further discussing with their parents and guide these students to develop their academic performance.

YES- Young Enterprising Student at the Garden City Pre-University College has to compulsorily undergo the career-ship segment which would a part of their weekly routine through the two year of their Pre-University education. It includes:

I. Weekly two hours on career building exercises

Experts from across the globe would address students

II. Exposure to multi-avenues of career

UUniversities in India and abroad would show case career planning techniques.

III. Shortlisting Career Options

Similar aspirations group would be formed.

IV. Career Mentoring

Personalized counselling.

V. Zeroing on Career Choice

Advanced guidance on the chosen career.

The Connect to Garden City University…

GCU Connect help our students to get associated with the Garden City University students’ community which allows them to interact with their seniors and faculty members and get guidance for their studies. After completion of their PUC, the students willing to pursue their undergraduate studies in GCU will be prioritized and will receive benefits in terms of scholarships and other academic assistance. This GCU network will ensure that our alumnus be in touch with our institution wherever they go for further studies.