History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology.

Why chose Arts?

Arts offers lucrative careers. Students with wide skill set have an advantage over choosing a plethora of skill based careers. The Digitalization era has created the demand for jobs such as content developer, PR Specialist, Designer, Columnist, Teacher, Film Maker, Economist, News Anchor etc.

How the Course unfolds at Garden City Pre-University College?

Apart from the regular curriculum prescribed by the board, the students of Arts at GCPUC would have dedicated labs for Media Studies, Psychology, English, under the guidance of Industry experts, thereby facilitating in smooth transition into their higher studies. This would result in an early identification of the choice of higher education that the student would want to pursue.

What additionally GCPUC Supports a student with?

Endorsement from Corporate stalwarts in the form of Industry mentoring. The vision of our Chairman, ABLE – A Better Learning Experience will allow the student to get directly trained and seek career counselling from the industry heroes of their choice.

What is the road map for a student after completing two years of PUC in Arts?

Arts, being a vast field of knowledge, allows the students to throw open themselves to be absorbed by the world of Humanities. A stronger emphasis on practical skills combined with best placements, is what makes the road to success a smooth affair for the students of PUC in Arts.

What are the other career alternatives a student can look at after PUC?

Arts in PUC does not restrict the student to follow a distinct path for higher education. Instead it gives them a plethora of professional courses to choose, ranging from Journalism, Psychology, Fashion Design, Tourism, Business Administration, Commerce, Hotel Management, etc. These courses are designed with a view to meet the industry demands and are therefore also referred to as professional courses.

How does a student get nurtured at GCPUC?

YES- Young Enterprising Student at the Garden City Pre-University College has to compulsorily undergo the career-ship segment which would a part of their weekly routine through the two year of their Pre-University education. It includes:

I. Weekly two hours on career building exercises

Experts from across the globe would address students

II. Exposure to multi-avenues of career

UUniversities in India and abroad would show case career planning techniques.

III. Shortlisting Career Options

Similar aspirations group would be formed.
IV. Career Mentoring Personalized counselling.

V. Zeroing on Career Choice

Advanced guidance on the chosen career.

The Connect to Garden City University… Not every institution would vouch for an assured roadmap of a student for their higher education. Garden City University would prove to be a platform for all of our PUC students to realize their dreams and be industry ready. The international flavor of GCU would be an added impetus to the international connect required by Arts student as demanded by the global market.