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GARDENIA 2014 10th to 13th Sep



Be it the celebrating of the cricket world cup victory, or saluting the sentinels of our nation, the attempt to contribute towards women empowerment or the completion of 100 years of Indian cinema, we have been a host to all.

Gardenia, the mega-cultural fest, has always been a platform for students across the nation to be a part of the celebrations, helping them in nurturing their talents and instilling in them the zeal to perform to their best.

Gardenia, being a week-long celebration encompasses events hosted by 18 departments of GCC. The fest is systematically and scientifically planned so as to accommodate several events and to authenticate that, is the presence of over 6000+ footfall which the fest witnesses year after year. The events at Gardenia include an intra-college competition, inter-college competitions, international sports meet and inter-school competitions.

Gardenia is famous among the students as the registration fee for a participating college is just Re.1/-. Gardenians play hosts and events are judged by experts from the industry making the competition fair and transparent.


"Bon Voyage - Life is a Journey"- life of a youth has never been this fast ever and that journey has its tangy twist and turns. We make most out of our lives when we travel. It not only relaxes and rejuvenates one's mind and body but also acquaints one to a new culture and place. The experience gained is an indelible learning for a lifetime and a story to share with many.

Garden City College has been active in sensitizing the youth, on their contribution to our nation. This year with tourism as the crux of the fest we aim to point towards one of the biggest industry with a potential for economic growth and the opportunities it hold.

Thus Gardenia "Bon Voyage - Life is a Journey" inspires every youth to travel, explore, learn and live life to the fullest. The fest would focus on encouraging tourism and stimulate every student to relate his subject of study to tourism and travel, be it be life sciences, management, commerce, fashion, history, journalism, health care and so on.. You should have travelled at least once to appreciate this!


  • To create a common platform for the youth right from high school - pre-university to postgraduate college.
  • Equal opportunity for all students with a registration fee of Re.1/- per college.
  • Fair competition and judgment by Gardenians playing the role of a host and judges from the corporates.
  • To propagate a theme to the society and sensitize the youth on a particular dimension in life.
  • To put learning into practice and have learning outcome for all the stake holders in the fest.


Themes donned in the past:
Gardenia takes up a theme every year, few of the famous themes adopted by the fest are :

"Lighting up Dreams - Women",
"BEES TEN - Language",
"Bat n Bol - World Cup Cricket",
"Go Green - Environment",
"Sentinels of our Nation - Indian Armed Forces"

"Magic of Cinema"

Gardenia the way forward...

10th & 11th of September: Intra-college fest

Creative Competitions
  • Debate
  • Quiz
  • Sketching
  • Best out of Waste
  • Fire less cooking
  • Extempore
  • Essay Writing
  • Turn Coat
  • Collage
  • Rangoli
Performing Arts
  • Solo Song
  • Solo Dance
  • Instrumental Solo
  • Group Dance
  • Band

12th of September:

Inter-College fest
  • Department Specific Academic Events (Morning).
  • Common stage Performing Arts(Afternoon)
  • Evening DJ-NITE

13th of September:Grand Finale

  • Final round for all the school competitions
  • Quiz Competition / Quiz Registration
  • Parent - Teacher meeting
  • Valedictory function for  winners of all the events held (Intra-College, Inter-College, Inter-School).
  • GCC Roll 4 Soul Dance Medley
  • World Fashion Show
  • Musical Event


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